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Blanking Line

Basic information

Technical performance

-Intermittent working mode of blanking line
-Suitable for production with steel and aluminum sheets 
-Sheet data:width 300-2050mm、thickness 0.4-4mm
-Production line speed:90-100m/min
-Production speed:15-65spm
-Leveling accuracy:1mm/m
-Feeding accuracy:±0.1mm/m
-Stacking accuracy: ±5mm of whole stack



1. Loading cart
2. Decoiler
3. Lead-in device
4. Cropping shear (option)
5. Washing machine (option)
6. 6Hi precision leveller
7. Loop
8. Servo feeder
9. Blanking press (mechanical or servo
- Side stacker (option)
10. Telescopic belt conveyor
11. Magnetic stacker (start stop or continuous
12. Stacking cart
13. Inspection table and scrap box

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