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Crossbar High Speed Automatic Press Line

Basic information
Product description
Equipment for reference

- Continuous running mode
- Line speed: 15-18SPM
- ADC (Automatic Die Change): ≤180s
- Transmitting distance between presses: 5-7m
- Equipped with sound enclosure
- Whole line fault recovery


Front of Line
- Fanner magnetic
- Destacker
- Feed in conveyor
- Washer and programmable oiler
- Centering table
Presses and feeding units
- Presses
- Crossbar transfer system
End of Line
- Exit conveyor
- Inspection table
- Illumination system



Stamping line with 2-arm feeding system reference: examples 50+




  Total capacity Stamping speed Stamping line specification
 Stamping line 1  71,000kN(5 presses)  15-18SPM  XL
 Stamping line 2  71,000kN(5 presses)  15-18SPM  XL
 Stamping line 3  70,000kN(4 presses)  15-18SPM  XL
 Stamping line4  70,000kN(4 presses)  15-18SPM  XL
 Customer Automobile makers in USA




  Total capacity Stamping speed Stamping lien specification
 Stamping line  50,000kN(4 presses)  15-18SPM  XL servo line
 Customer   Chinese automobile makers


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