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JIER High Negative Pressure Cutting Machine Soot Purifier

Basic information

Features, Application and Composition

-The High Negative Pressure Cutting Machine Soot Purifier is a purifier designed especially for cutting machine, with features of high purification efficiency, low noise, flexible usage, less occupation area, and easy operation. It is extensively used for purification of soot generated in the cutting operations such as flame cutting machine, plasma cutting machine etc.
-It is mainly composed of dust suction hood, high temperature flame retardant tube, filter cartridge, dust deposit drawer, blower, back blowing system, and electrical control system etc.



Working Principle

-The soot generated in the process of cutting operation, by means of the suction of high negative pressure pump, via the soot suction hood and high temperature-resistance flame retardant tube, is suctioned in the air inlet of the equipment. A fire resistance mesh is provided at the inlet where any spark will be shielded; the soot gas goes into the deposit chamber, by means of the gravity and upward airflow, the coarse particle dust is deposited directly in the dust deposit drawer, and the fine particle soot is captured on the outside surface by the filter cartridge; the clean gas, after filtration and purification by the cartridge, goes into the clean chamber from the cartridge center, and finally, is exhausted via a muffler air outlet.


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