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JIER Environmental Protection Painting House

Basic information

Features, Application and Composition

-The Environmental Protection Painting House is special equipment designed especially for industrial painting operation; can meet the temperature, humidity, illuminance, air purity requirements of painting operation; limits and discharges after treatment the paint mist and organic waste gas generated in the process of painting operation; and is an environmental protection type painting equipment. Upon request, activated carbon catalytic regeneration device can be available which can prolong effectively the service life of activated carbon and reduce the hazardous waste output. The house can be equipped with 3D operating platform, if necessary, with walking function in front/rear, left/right and up/down directions, so it’s easy for operator to paint the workpiece at each point.
-It’s mainly composed of a house body, air distributor chamber, ventilation system, paint mist disposal system, drying system, desorption regeneration system, lighting system, safety warning system, and electrical control system etc.



Main Types

-Stationary type, telescopic type, house body moving type, and cart moving type etc.

Working principle

-The over-spray paint mist generated in the process of painting operation goes through the dry filter or water curtain filter, the large grain of paint mist and partial sticky material will be trapped in the paint mist filter cotton or water curtain recycle water. The exhaust gas after primary filter goes through the filter cotton/filter bag for further filtration, the remaining paint mist fine particles and dust particles will be held back. The gas after disposal is purified further by the chemical and physical means in the consequent UV photolysis oxidation equipment and activated carbon absorption equipment etc. to remove effectively the main pollutants such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and finally, reaches up to standard for discharge.
-After painting, the air in the house body will be heated via drying machine set, the workpiece is dried, in the process of drying operation the combustible gas concentration in the body will be detected via a combustible gas warning device and detector, so when a warning signal is given, the system will shut off the corresponding power supply of device and the air exhaust blower will start automatically to discharge the combustible gas outdoor for safe production.

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