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J₂S Series Pneumatic Conveyor

Basic information

The conveyor is a dense-phase medium-pressure conveying device, which is suitable for conveying dry particle material and widely used in foundry, medicine, chemical and catering industries.
The device can be equipped with loading pipe, spherical elbow, T joint, air booster (elbow) and disc unloading valve to form a conveyor system, which can be automatically controlled and multi-position unloading or integrated into the general system for centralized control.


-Dense phase conveying, air and material separated, and low speed, equipped with spherical elbow, less material breakage and pipe wear , and very long service life.
-Piping configured with spherical elbow, adjustable conveying direction, convenient installation and less space occupation.
-Temperature for conveying material can be up to400℃.
-Low energy consumption, only 14Nm3/t.
-It can realize long-distance conveying, if necessary, the conveying distance can be more than 500m.
-High conveying efficiency, maximum conveying capacity is 30t/h.
-Low noise.

J₂S Series Pneumatic Conveyor