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J₂GTFJ Series Pneumatic Conveyor

Basic information

System construction: Cr-Fe sand separation system consists of two-level high magnetic separation device,two-level vibratory loader, gravity density separator,vibratory selector, electrical control system, etc. The used-sand containing Cr-Fe and with powder removed and temperature adjusted is processed via levels of equipment of this system, usable Cr-Fe sand meeting purity requirement is thus selected from mixed sand.

-Four-level technique of different separation methods is used to maximize reclaim Cr-Fe sand and save production cost.
-Two-level specialized high magnetic roll with low demagnetizing index and long service life.
-For special gravity density separation bed, each room has independent pressure adjustment system which gives uniform separation layer and high separation rate.
-The system also has powder removal function so Cr-Fe sand and SiO2 sand are cleaner after separation.