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J₂L12 Inertia Vibratory Shake-out Machine

Basic information

The inertia vibratory shake-out machine made by our company has a high shaking out efficiency and less maintenance with the features as below:

-The vibratory parameters are designed according to that of “far resonance region”, with good shock absorbing performance and stable shakeout effect.

-The vibratory parameters of the shake-out machine can be adjusted according to molding sand types and casting sizes.

-High strength fastener is selected and the vibratory motor is attached by special reliable anti-looseness measurements.

-The machine frame steel plate, after pretreatment, is cut by means of NC cutting and protected by CO2 gas protection welding, and is relieved stress by heat ageing as one-piece before machining to ensure the frame strength and machining accuracy, so that a long service life is available.


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